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Hi I'm "Lil Blue" a 1967 Shasta camper, a transformed mobile bar roaming Ohio in search of a good party!



Bartending Services

All bartending services include:

5 hours of service time

  • 1-2 Bartenders

  • plastic 8 oz glassware, beverage napkins, stir-stir & ice

  • mixers and garnishes as needed

  • travel time to event within 75 miles of zip code 43214

IMG_7010 2.jpg

Lil Blue Mobile Bar - Large events

perfect for events 150 -250 people.

Lil' Blue has two services windows, portable generator and yes, keg service. Perfect for corporate events, weddings, family reunions, graduations.

Pricing starting at $1200-1500


Lil blue - smaller events

Hosting an intimate event under 100 people, pricing is little less. Still all the perks of super service and all the standards but we’ll throw in our vintage glassware- on the house!

Pricing starting at $800


In home bartending!

Hosting a holiday cocktail party, backyard bbq or ladies night in, let one of our professional licensed bartenders shake things up a bit!

We take care of everything. From pre-party planning we’ll help you devise a shopping list, recommend local wine and liquor shops. And the party is underway, make sure your guests never go thirsty and leave nothing for you to clean up!

Pricing between $50-$150/hour


Rentable Bars

Born out of demand for personal bartending with a bit of flair Penny; our first rentable bar is now rolling and ready!



All decked out for Christmas 2018

Penny, a 1976 Mountaineer Horse Trailer

YOU are the bartender or maybe a friend of yours. Whatever the case may be, we will drop off your bar, assist with set up and pick up following your event. Equipped with two beautiful wood service bars, plenty of storage and keg service Penny is ready for any size function. She has a beautiful copper painted ceiling, interior walls lined with wood from wine boxes and wine box storage cabinet, Penny is loaded with charm and ready to serve as a full functioning bar for your next party!

  • $125/hour

  • 4 hour minimum

  • 60 mile radius from zip code 43214

  • Includes: 9 oz plastic cups, napkins and ice

Single Jockey Box

Single Jockey Box

Keg Service

Penny will hold 2 - 1/2 barrels or 1/6 barrels of beer. Sunshine Wine offers jockey boxes to dispense chilled beer. A jockey box is smart means of chilling only what you need. Your beer will flow thru chilled coils and be dispensed from a tap making beer service a breeze. We will assist you with keg hook up and initial tapping of your keg. Ice is included.

Jockey box rental is available starting at $25/hour

Keg storage

Keg storage


Glassware Rental

  • Beer pint glasses .50/each rented in sets of 50

  • Rocks Glasses, Wine Glasses - 1.00/each rented in sets of 50

  • Champagne Flutes or Coupe Glasses - 1.00/each rented in sets of 50

Bags of ice - Large (10 lb.) $10 each Small (5 lb). $6 each

Bartending Services starting at $50/hour

Additional rental hours - $100/hour

Extended Travel .75/mile over 60 miles from zip code 43214

Please request a quote.

*Damage liability form must be completed prior to drop off.


a little something extra to consider...


Glassware rental

Available for rent in sets of 50 for $30
  • Wine glasses
  • Champagne flutes & coupes
  • Beer Pint,
  • Martini glasses
  • Margarita glasses




For mobile bar service over 75 miles from zip code 43214, please expect additional charge of .50 cents / mile


Coffee Service

Fresh brewed coffee available.

Ask for a quote.


vintage china & linen rental

Looking to add a touch of romantic charm to your events? Rent our vintage china and linens. 

I believe beautiful things like this are not meant to be admired, they are meant to be USED!


dinner, salad & cake Plates

A collection of mis-match beautiful vintage china from several sets and "finds" over the years.

All plates rented in sets of 50 for $25


China platters & serving bowls And Silver platters

Platters and bowls are a necessity if your plan on serving guests "family style". These are little tougher to find and replace.

Platters and Bowls rent for $5 each.



Cream or white linens with embroidered flowers, vintage prints and a tons of memories. 

Linens available for $5 each. 

(we will take care of the laundry)

Do I sell alcohol?

NO. We do not sell any alcohol out of our vehicles. You must supply all of your beer, wine, liquor for the event. Our job is to serve your guests and make sure the event is memorable.

For this to be a legal activity in the state of Ohio, we must be conducting this bartending service on private property and/or with the permission of the property owner. 

BUT! I can purchase you alcohol for your event! All we need to do is establish a budget and I will shop for your event for $50 Please ask me about this new service!

Where should I buy my alcohol?

Check out the Partners section for a list of wonderful retailers in the Columbus area that we have done business with and highly recommend. Don't forget, it's state law any bottles purchases over 6 are permitted a 10% discount on purchase price!

Can I rent the truck and use my own bartender?

Lil Blue is not available for personal bartending. .

BUT Penny, my 1976 Mountaineer Horse Trailer will be available for rent. You can find more information regarding rates and terms in the section called Rental Bars!


Alcohol Shopping

In the past year, I’ve had almost EVERY customer ask me about shopping for alcohol and making sure they have enough beer, wine or liquor for their event. EVERYONE over buys. Now, don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to run out! But you don’t want to have too much either. Alcohol is not a returnable item.

So, while I cannot sell alcohol to you, I can shop for you. I have over 20 years of hospitality industry including 10 years of wine sales working for a distributor. This year I am offering a shopping service to hopefully relieve the shopping anxiety incurred with hosting an event.

All we need to do is establish a budget, discuss your expectations and let me take care of the rest!

All for a $50 shopping fee.

Please let me know if you are interested in this service for more details.


Here what people are saying about our service!

Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design - 25th Anniversary Party

Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design - 25th Anniversary Party

JBAD 25th Anniversary Party -  June 15, 1018 

We were extremely pleased with you all at our party! You made everything so painless and easy. There was nothing but nice and wonderful things said about you all!

Honestly you seem to have it down to a science! I’m trying to find something to suggest and I truly cannot think of anything, we loved getting to have you at our party!  

Emma Tappel

Administrative Assistant, JBAD




Wedding of Sarah and Jason

Wedding of Sarah and Jason

Wedding of Sarah and Jason - June 23, 2018

Everyone loved the camper. Thought it was absolutely the coolest thing and set up. Everyone raved over how nice and efficient you guys were!   One of the biggest hits of the night and I can’t thank you enough!!!



House Party at the Ryan's -August 18th 2018

Sunshine Wine Mobile Bar was the best party we have had with our friends!  It was so easy to work with Christine Leonard and her bringing all the amenities! She pulled up in the driveway, set up and all ready to start serving the guests wonderful drinks. We will have the Sunshine Wine Mobile Bar back again next summer!

-Sarah Ryan


Mobile Bar Sunshine Wine Launches This Month  

February 12, 2018 11:52 am

The mobile business isn’t just for food trucks anymore; liquor, beer and wine have entered the scene. Although state law has yet to catch up, mobile bars like Sunshine Wine, which launched just this month, are now available for booking at corporate parties, weddings, and other private events. Should Sunshine Wine owner Christine Leonard break through the legal barriers, even more opportunities for the new business model could open up within the next few years.

Leonard first conceptualized her business last May, imagining a vintage camper supplying liquor, beer and wine for rural weddings on outdoor farms and in barns. Because liquor licenses are currently unavailable for mobile businesses, booking Sunshine Wine means customers will purchase their own beverages, and Leonard will bring the supplies and bartenders to fulfill the service. Events also must take place on private property or with the property owner’s permission. That all might change, though, as Leonard is currently working to change Ohio law.

“Liquor control, they know, the state knows it’s coming, so we’re just trying to get ahead of it and craft it so that it not only meets my needs but also just is smart for the state,” Leonard said. “We’re just trying to make the permit make sense so it’s better for everybody.”

Although no names were disclosed, Leonard is currently working with someone formerly with the Ohio Division of Liquor Control, who’s a liaison between Leonard and the legislature. Conversations are just starting to happen, but Leonard said everything should come together in another year or so.

Currently in phase one of her business, Leonard hopes that by the time legislation passes, she’ll have an entire Sunshine Wine fleet, with a second camper and a horse trailer to complete it. She’s been in the hospitality business since college, cooking at and managing restaurants, and currently selling beer and wine for Natural-State Wine and Craft Beer. And, on her own time, she’s always been the host of all the parties — it’s all led her to this moment in her career.

“One thing has just kind of led to the next thing, and this is probably the most exciting and most fun new venture for me,” Leonard said. “I enjoy hosting parties of my own, too, so I have a lot of party gear. It just kind of made sense.”

Lauren Saga

Lauren Sega is a staff reporter for Columbus Underground covering political issues on the local, state and national levels, as well as local food and restaurant news. She grew up near Cleveland, graduated from Ohio University's Scripps School of Journalism, and loves running, traveling and hiking.


Have wine will travel: Rolling, rentable bar hits the road

614NOW  February 14, 2018

The theory of Sunshine Wine is about as whimsical as its name. This teeny, mobile bar service for hire is your ticket to boozing up your outdoor event—the only hitch is the state doesn’t allow liquor licenses for mobile businesses.


Right now, you can rent Sunshine Wine and they’ll provide you with a bartender, plastic or glassware, napkins, mixers, and non-alcoholic beverages. You are responsible for supplying the alcohol, that is, until Sunshine Wine can get Ohio law to change. The owner Christine Leonard expects Ohio liquor laws to accommodate rollin’ booze bizzes within a year or so, she told Columbus Underground. By that time, Leonard hopes to have a second camper and a horse trailer to fill out her Sunshine Wine fleet.

“We take care of serving your guests out of our camper, clean up and leave without a trace,” reads the website. “Leave the work to us, we know what we’re doing and we love doing it!”



Please contact me anytime to inquire about reserving our services





Pop-Up Weddings

"Pop-Up"? you ask? Yes we "Pop-up" where ever you please and give the wedding of your dreams.  A stress free, unique and affordable celebration of your LOVE geared for gatherings of around 40 people. 

Traveling all over Ohio and delivering....

Wedding Celebrant

Professional Photographer

Wedding Cake or Cupcakes 

Champagne Toast

Floral Bouquet & Boutonniere 

China & Glassware

Ceremony Music

Sunshine Wine Mobile Bar

All for $5500