Do I sell alcohol?

NO. We do not sell any alcohol out of our vehicles. You must supply all of your beer, wine, liquor for the event. Our job is to serve your guests and make sure the event is memorable.

For this to be a legal activity in the state of Ohio, we must be conducting this bartending service on private property and/or with the permission of the property owner. 

BUT! I can purchase you alcohol for your event! All we need to do is establish a budget and I will shop for your event for $50 Please ask me about this new service!

Where should I buy my alcohol?

Check out the Partners section for a list of wonderful retailers in the Columbus area that we have done business with and highly recommend. Don't forget, it's state law any bottles purchases over 6 are permitted a 10% discount on purchase price!

Can I rent the truck and use my own bartender?

Lil Blue is not available for personal bartending. .

BUT Penny, my 1976 Mountaineer Horse Trailer will be available for rent. You can find more information regarding rates and terms in the section called Rental Bars!